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Monday, February 20, 2006

Secrets of Ghost Girl: REVEALED!

This uncle is the more strawberry of the TV, but he falls well. I believe that it is chido, although he is a little stained in its program.

Jesus González on Facundo, courtesy of Google Translate

"A little stained in its program," says Jesus, speaking of Facundo, and who are we to argue? Ah, but who is Facundo? Originally the host of a music video/youth 'zine show called Depasónico, Twenty-eight-year-old Esteban Facundo Gómez Bruera became a media darling during his stint on the Spanish-language reality series Big Brother VIP. He parlayed this stardom into hosting the newsploitation show Toma Libre. (This week's episode: Drunken American coeds invade Cancun for Spring Break; next week: even Brittany Spears adopts the "hippie" lifestyle.)

He is also the man seen here doing the el proyecto la bruja Blair impressions during this "creepy ghost girl" video currently making the rounds (embedded WMV, Ebaum's World) (via TMotHV).

According to, Facundo swears the video is genuine. (Warning: Escalofrio resizes your browser window, unless you use a decent browser and can turn that off. Otherwise, this is a pretty cool Spanish-language horror/paranormal portal.)

Here's my extremely rough paraphrase:
"I was doing a show on ghosts, and that's where the footage in the this clip comes from. We took a camera to a cemetery in Mexico City, and I saw a girl crying at one of the tombstones. At first I was scared, but then I decided to ask her what she was doing alone in the cemetery in the middle of the night."

(There's an alternative copy of the video at the link above as well.)

It's a bit difficult to see in the .wmv file, but the bug up in the left hand corner looks more like Depasónico than Toma Libra to me, so I'm guessing it's from the earlier series.

So, is the video genuine? These folks on the Snopes boards have a suggestion: Note that the big "reveal" is accompanied by a musical stinger. Watch the video with the sound turned off. Note that low-light video often creates eye-shine. Does it still look like a ghost?

Escalofrio, which is hardly a hard-core skeptic site, offers the opinion that there is nothing paranormal. One possibility is that the producers staged the event without telling Facundo. However, given Facundo's well-documented penchant for gratuitous mugging, and the seemingly self-conscious riff on Blair Witch throughout, I'm voting that this is, um, a ratings-sensitive recreation of events that may have been rumored to have actually occurred. Dun-dun-DAAAAH!


  • Hmmm...

    Those vid-caps were dark, but readable, on my laptop at home. I'm seeing nothing but black on this old CRT monitor. Does anybody else see two captures of Facundo looking scared, and a vidcap and a close up of ghost girl?

    Perhaps there's something paranormal obscuring the images. Didn't something similar happen in Ringu?

    By Blogger HP, at 2/21/2006 10:51 AM  

  • Okay, if you can't see Blair Witch Facundo and Ghost Girl, turn your brightness up.

    By Blogger HP, at 2/21/2006 11:48 AM  

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