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Friday, January 27, 2006

Isla de los Muñecas

Planning a trip to Mexico City? You will probably want to visit Xochimilco, the last of the pre-Columbian waterworks that once fed a city of millions. You are of course free to cruise about in a decorated gondola, listening to the sound of the mariachi. Or you can board a swamp boat, head out beyond the confines of the waterpark, and visit la Isla de los Muñecas: the Island of the Dolls:

Don Julian (es) lived there for fifty years, and for the twenty-five before his death (es) two years ago [as of 2003 -- he died in 2001. --M Valdemar], sought to appease the ghost of a drowned child with the dolls he pulled up from the depths of the canals. Dead dolls of all kinds hang from the trees and vines and rafters, their eyes bewitching and disturbing the visitors who have come to gawk and photograph in this surreal sanctuary. [link]

Realiza un Viaje Virtual
por la Isla de los Muñecas: Zoom in and turn to the left. A la izquierda. A la izquierda.

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